We Are The Faction®

We invite you to join The Faction®, not because we want you to become one of us, but because you already are one of us.

We choose to do things differently, to only make products that really are better for you and better for the planet. We stand for what's right. We go against convention whenever it's necessary. Not because we have to, but because we choose to. 

We take everything we do seriously. That means no cheap ingredients dressed up as something they're not. It means no hiding questionable ingredients just because no one's looking. It means focusing on what matters, not on misdirection.

Everything we do is guided by three simple principles. 

We will only make the best performing products, good enough isn't good enough. It takes extensive knowledge, experience, hard work and testing. It's not trial and error but science, innovation, evidence and facts that guide us.

We will never use toxic, harmful or questionable ingredients in any of our products. Ever. It's not just about what goes into our products, but what we leave out. This means our products cost more to produce in the short-term, but we believe it's the only approach there is for the long-term. 

We minimise our impact on the planet. That means biodegradable natural ingredients and no synthetic ingredients like silicone that don't biodegrade. And we only manufacture in the UK to ensure our supply chain is as short as possible.

Be Actionproof®. Join The Faction®.