Zero Compromise Performance. 100% Clean Ingredients.

Faction Actionproof Chamois Cream is different. It's been designed from the ground up to provide unbeatable protection from saddle soreness.

It was designed for professional World Tour riders, including Ashleigh Moolman Pasiobut it's now available to everyone. Meaning you can perform at your highest possible level, in even the most demanding conditions.

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  • Our Mission

    We believe being active should be good for you and the planet.

    We believe in better performance, better skincare, zero health risks and environmental responsibility.

    We set out to create a better performing chamois cream, which is also better for you and better for the planet.

    Without compromise. Without any downsides for your skin, your health and with the absolute minimum impact on the environment.

  • It's Also About What We Leave Out

    All other well-known chamois creams use low cost ingredients known to be, or suspected to be harmful to the environment, your skin and possibly your long-term health.

    Unlike other brands, we will never use any questionable ingredients, the so-called 'dirty dozen'.

    We will never use silicone (dimethicone), petrochemicals, polypropylene glycol or nine other problematic ingredients.

  • A World First Chamois Cream Technology

    Faction® Actionproof® Chamois Cream combines natural ingredients with Friction Sense® Technology.

    This cutting-edge functional skincare technology uses micro encapsulation to increase the bioavailability of molecules of Magnolia and White Willow Bark.

    Faction® Actionproof® Chamois Cream, is the only chamois cream to have this cutting edge skincare technology.

  • Protects Every Layer Of The Skin

    Olive Oil Extract, Apricot Kernel Oil, Alba Bark Extract, Eucalyptus Leaf Oil and Shea Butter work together to eliminate friction on the skin surface. They are also highly effective in hydrating epidermis layer of the skin.

    Micro encapsulated molecules of Magnolia and White Willow Bark are proven to prevent skin inflammation and calm irritation. They also play an important role in hydrating the deeper layers of the skin, keeping them healthy and protected from pressure.

Protection From The First Minute To The Last

Silicone and petrochemical based chamois creams don't get to work immediately. They take time to warm up and become less viscous, most brands recommend applying 15-20 minutes before riding for this reason.

Faction Actionproof Chamois Cream is different. It's been formulated to provide correct coverage and protection from friction the moment it's applied. Its viscosity doesn't change significantly after application, so you can be confident to start riding straight away. No more waiting around, or wondering why your chamois cream didn't work as effectively on some rides.

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  • Designed For The Most Demanding Riders

    Whether you're an experienced endurance cyclist or a newcomer, friction takes a toll on your body which can slow you down or reduce your enjoyment.

    Faction Actionproof Chamois Cream works for male and female cyclists of all levels. It's been designed to have a low pH, ensuring it's suitable for both female and male cyclists.

  • Facts, Not Superficial Claims

    Most chamois cream brands talk about natural ingredients. But very few actually deliver much beyond superficial claims and ingredients at 'emotive levels'. In other words, small amounts of natural ingredients being added to enable a marketing claim, rather than a performance benefit.

    Our claims are fact based, it's what inspired our name. It's a portmanteau of Facts and Action. We use cutting edge knowledge of high performance natural ingredients at levels designed to work. Nothing more, nothing less.

  • Sustainably Reduces Friction

    Faction Actionproof® Chamois Cream uses olive extract which provides a long lasting silky feel, significantly reducing saddle friction. It's non-greasy and unlike silicone based chamois creams, it doesn't have any negative consequences for the environment.

  • Natural Skin Protection Technology

    Faction's Friction Sense® Technology is a botanical complex designed to prevent friction, inhibit skin inflammation, calm irritation and prevent bacteria. It's the only chamois cream to use micro encapsulation technology, which protects key ingredients and maximises their efficacy.

  • Scientifically Proven Ingredients

    Faction Actionproof® Chamois Cream contains active molecules from Magnolia and White Willow bark that have been proven to calm sensitive and irritated skin, reduce redness and protect against dryness. Other natural ingredients include Shea Butter, Apricot Kernel Oil & Alba Bark Extract.

Enjoy a Better Ride Today and a Better Planet Tomorrow™

We believe the products we sell should also be good for you and good for the planet.

That’s why our products provide unbeatable support for your body and don’t use the ‘dirty dozen’ ingredients, such as silicone, petrochemicals, PEGs or parabens.

All of our products are clean to your body and clean to the planet.

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